B&T has been reporting on all things advertising, media and marketing since 1950.

B&T focuses on delivering daily intelligence on the marketing, media and advertising industries within Australia and further afield.

Our commitment to journalism moves well beyond the usual daily news cycles with in-depth premium content, visual nourishment, insightful opinion, and the guarantee of genuine thought-provoking exclusive content.

In-person, B&T curates a series of events each year that punctuate the calendar and draw thousands of delegates, such as 30 Under 30, Women in Media, the B&T Awards and more.

In 1950, B&T was a magazine. Decades have passed, the delivery has changed, but excellence remains.

The vision

B&T is a new generation in business-to-business publishing, generating deep data on reader behaviour to serve each individual with the most relevant content possible. With these insights, B&T can pair readers and clients with who they want, when they want & how they want.

The name

B&T was a magazine that stood for Broadcast & Television. Now B&T stands for reliability, positivity and integrity in marketing, media & advertising.

The team

B&T’s head office is in Sydney, Australia. This covers the major marketing, media and advertising hubs in Australia and beyond.

Editor in chief | David Hovenden

Longtime publisher, ex-creative agency consultant, B&T aficionado & occasional marlin wrestler.

Editorial director | Daniel Uglow

Travel journalist for 18 years. Set foot on all seven continents and both arctic circles. Now exploring adland.

Managing Director | Rosie Oakshott

Started out at Retail Week in London before tackling large-scale expo’s around Australia. Rosie’s background gives her the nous to bring together B&T’s editorial, events and commercial vision.

Editor | John Bastick

He just won’t leave! Used to be the editor of FHM and Zoo Weekly. Bastick covers all things creative agencies and media agencies.

Content Producer | Amy Shapiro

A lover of iced coffee and spreadsheets, she’s part writer and part content conductor.

Reporter| Sofia Geraghty

Loves overpriced coffee and underpriced Chinese food. She’s your lady for all things OOH, radio & TV

Tech Reporter | Tom Fogden

Our suave tech writer. He covers all things martech, adtech and social media. He’s also the office’s token Pom, which given the form of the English cricket team could become quite insufferable next year.

Reporter | Nehir Hatipoglu

The resident young person. Lover, consumer and writer about-er of all things media.