Mackenzie Childs | MSc 

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Creative Solutions & Experience

Former educator, realist, and wine enthusiast, Mackenzie comes from a diverse background of behavioral intervention, teaching, and business development strategies. As part of a project within the Klein Independent School District to launch a new behavioral program on several campuses, she found her niche in wanting to help others grow their strengths within their career.

Drawing from experience in several industries, Mackenzie brings thoughtful, visionary, and practical coaching within developing organizations. When the stakes are high for a new or veteran executive, a troubled team needs intervention, or transition needs to take place, she can provide planning for the future while simultaneously improving day-to-day function. Her sensitive insight with tough issues defuses tensions and catalyzes collaboration.

Education & Lifelong Learning

Born in Houston, Texas, and raised in The Woodlands, Mackenzie found herself highly competitive in and out of the classroom, securing the State Champion title in swimming and serving as a National Honor Society officer - cultivating a growth mindset along the way. From there, she went on to become a part of the University of North Texas’ Women’s Division 1 Swimming and Diving Team, before having career-ending surgery half way through her four-year term. Though, Mackenzie went on to graduate with honors from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelors in Psychology, and from the College of Education with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in Sociology.

In the spring of 2020, she finished her Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California, with an emphasis in Organizational Development and Consumer Psychology.
Allowing others to see their growth potential and bringing about the “best self” of each individual, are concepts Mackenzie feels strongly about. She truly believes in giving leaders tools and strategies that build their business, as well as providing hands-on coaching through the processes of change. She has become a world traveler for networking in the field of Organizational Health, with Dubai as her most recent stop. Closer to home, she currently lives near her mother and sister, and enjoys the time they get to spend together painting, cycling, and trying new restaurants throughout The Woodlands.

 Jackie Wilson | PhD, MBA 

Creative Solutions & Experience

Professional educator, problem solver and animal lover, Jackie comes from a unique background of education, business and athletics. After more than a decade of educational experiences and research Jackie found her passion in guiding younger students to create successful educational experiences.


Using her propensity for research, design and education, Jackie combines problem-solving skills with real life application to help students design a custom life path that allows for a realistic growth mindset, resilience, and goals. To Jackie, each student’s unique situation is a project, and she is the project manager. Setting goals, teaching accountable behaviors and the tools students need for success.


Jackie has been involved with all facets of education, including private and boarding schools, public, supplemental, homeschooling, higher education planning, student-athlete planning, and disability education services and support.


With experience in Kinder through College for many years and knows the in’s and out’s of the education world. As a student, she was the recipient of upwards of 30k in scholarship monies and awards. As a mentor Jackie’s students have attended prestigious schools in all conferences, as students and some as student-athletes, Big 12, Big 10, SEC, ACC and private institutions and international programs. Many of her previous students keep in touch and continue to receive coaching years after their programs.


After many years, Jackie’s focus remains making education better for students.  The system is a consistently changing beast, with little hope for becoming easier to deal with. Students are not directly taught how to be successful in school, they are tossed into the fray and they either sink or swim; Jackie believes we can create education loving kids by teaching them HOW to be students not just what hoops to jump through.


Education & Lifelong Learning

From a young age, Jackie spent every moment of free time in the pool and focusing in the classroom.  As a three sport athlete, swimming, water polo and softball, took Jackie to the competitive route through high school to the state, national, and international levels; eventually moving on to swim Division 1 NCAA Athletics at The University of Houston in 2005. After her time in the pool, and back surgery, Jackie moved into athletic management and coaching. Jackie graduated with her Bachelors in Kinesiology, Sport Administration and Corporate Communications in 2008.  From there she moved directly into The Master of Business Administration program at Texas Woman’s University, with a focus in Marketing. During her MBA program, she worked with the Institute for Women’s Health, taught classes, conducted research and participated in study abroad programs.

Upon her graduation in 2010, Jackie was invited to continue her research and teaching experience with the Kinesiology Department at Texas Woman’s University.  During her Doctor of Philosophy program, Jackie continued to teach, travel and research; while she also began working with children with disabilities in the swimming pool as well as in the classroom. While in her PhD program, Jackie was also the Graduate Student Representative for the Texas Woman’s University System.

In 2013, She decided then to change from her sole work with adult education to expand to child education. Jackie began a career while in school as a K-12 educational director and college counselor, while teaching college courses in business and kinesiology, as well as SAT/ACT Prep, study skills and core curriculum.

For over a decade Jackie has been a mentor to students of all ages, she is an avid reader of educational policy and enjoys researching educational trends. After 12 years as a college student, Jackie has experienced almost every aspect of college life, from student-athlete, to Greek house life, working on campus, internships, student publications, and more.  In Jackie’s personal time, she lives rurally in a tiny home and enjoys spending time reading, making clocks, gardening, hunting and playing with her dog, Astro.