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from stuck to un-stoppable, in a blink!

Why Us:


We don't coach because we have been in your exact shoes, we coach because we understand Human Behavior at its core.

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What we do:

  1. Develop perspective and healthy emotions to motivate actions

  2. Identify negative automatic thoughts

  3. Observe thinking errors and shift thinking patterns

Benefits of Coaching

Providing of models and questions to help you achieve your goals

New ways of thinking and behaving

Support of your success

Challenge to limiting beliefs, norms, and habits

No directives, just a process of development

Professional expertise

Thinking about Thinking

 By considering the way you think, you become an impartial observer of your own thoughts.

Cognition (or Thinking)

directly affects your


Begin to notice the impact of these...

"I work best under pressure"



"I can't manage this"



"I don't really know what I'm doing"


Imposter Syndrome

Become aware of physiological responses and your behavior.


“With a little hesitancy of hiring an executive coach, we pulled the trigger and decided to dedicate some time. For the first meeting to the last, Mackenzie was very detailed and dedicated to help identify and strengthen our weaknesses. We highly recommend Mackenzie as she becomes part of the team (and family) and helps develop and facilitate at many different levels.” 

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—  Christina Scott, CEO of D&C Drilling


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